Bat Trang ceramic Village


Bat Trang Pottery Village is located in the south east of Hanoi, passing Chuong Duong Bridge turns right and go about 10km along the dike of Red River Download Amadeus. Bat Trang belongs to Bat Trang Commune, Gia Lam District, Hanoi, Vietnam.Bat Trang ceramic Village

This is a pottery village with a half-millenary historic development subtitles for Goodwillhunting. Some decades recently, the vitality of this village is still blown up by the thousands of pottery-kiln on fire day and night.

On the basic of tradition pottery technique, Bat Trang pottery workers have taken – abused-propagated greatly the progress of science technology into every stage in making pottery futura font. It has made many types of top class pottery, that is useful and beautiful and it upgrades the sense of pottery art. The Bat Trang list of pottery getting high quality is longer more and more by day like bowl, dish, pot, cup, wine pot, a big flower-vase, leg lamp, lime-pot, big-bellied jar… It made by all sort of glazes as ancient pearl blaze, crackle glaze, dark glaze, indigo-blue flower glaze, grey flower glaze, melt glaze…
In 10/2004, Bat Trang Pottery Market was opened in the area of over 5.000m² 아이폰 노래 무료 다운로드. It is not only the place to display and trade but also an interesting tourist site in Hanoi.