Hanoi Street Eats and Market Tour


Destinations : Ha NoiHanoi Street Eats and Market Tour
Start from : Ha Noi
Finish in : Ha Noi

9.30, meet up at meeting point 야생의 숨결 다운로드. Enjoy a special “La Han” Vietnamese welcome tea.
Teake a pleasant stroll from meeting point at Chau Long st to Truc Bach Lake for your first tasting – Pho Cuon Movie after download.
10.15, Next stop Chau Long Market, for a tour of the market highlighting the ‘wet”/ unsual fruits/ livestock/ frogs. Sample of market foods of your choice avg 백신. For example tree tomatoes or green mango with chili, silkworms, pork with green rice.
11.00, next stop at Tay Ho. We will take taxi to West Lake shrimp restaurant to sample West Lake’s most famous dish 우주쇼에 어서오세요 다운로드.
11.45, back into taxi and off for Xuan Dieu for one of the best “Bun Cha” stalls in Hanoi. Enjoy Bun Cha.
On the way back, we stop at Yen Phu for a traditional café, established since 1936 새천년 체조 다운로드.
12.40, back to cooking centre to make black sesame, peanut and coconut sweet soup.
1pm, relax in courtyard with vietnamese coffee and receive home going gifts Overcook download.


  • Market tour to Cho Chau Long for the 9.30 class only
  • Hands-on cooking class
  • Lunch or dinner of the food they prepared
  • Detailed recipes
  • Vietnamese wine, beer, laska water and La Han Tea
  • Class in English and Vietnamese
  • Take home gift
  • No children’s price
  • Collection and drop off to H.C.C 허슬러 다운로드. can be arranged at an extra charge


  • Welcome La Han Tea
  • One bottle of Laska water for the tour
  • Market tour to Chau Long Market
  • Visit minimum of 4 of Hanoi Eateries
  • All food and beverages included
  • All transport cost whilst on the tour
  • Demonstration cooking class (Vietnamese Che – Sweet Soup)
  • Recipe of Vietnamese che – Sweet soup
  • Café den or sua in our courtyard café at the end of tour
  • Tour in English and Vietnamese
  • Take home gift
  • No children’s prices
  • Collection and drop off from your hotel is extra charge

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