My family’s trip to Mui Ne, Vietnam


After one day in MuMui Ne vietnami Ne and relaxed in the Resort, the next day my family hired a Jeep and woke up at 4 hour for a journey to some very interesting places Act of Baller Download.

The first destination we visited was Mui Ne Sand Dunes, also known as Sand Dunes Bay, which constantly changed its shape day by day, hour by hour 여우와 솜사탕 다운로드. The most appropriate time to visit white sand dunes and Red sand dunes at about 5 am or 4 pm. It is time when you can go barefoot in the sand and not afraid of the burning sand while the sun screening unicorn3 다운로드.

My family chose the early morning to see the Sunset on Sand Dunes. White sand dunes far from Mui Ne center about 40km, coming to the White sand dunes you can rent 4-wheel car running up the hills Life Plan Program. Along the coastal road, you can enjoy panoramic look at Mui Ne beach in the cool breeze, gorgeous white sand desert carpeted behind the skyline and many visitors mischievous romp 서치 2018 다운로드.

One of the interesting points in White Sand Dunes is the Lotus Lake with cool blue eyes, pink in the sun, wind and sand. The feeling of sitting on vast sand dunes watching the Lotus Lake far away we can feel more clearly than ever a great hand placement of Mother Nature Internet Explorer download.

After the White Sand Dunes, another interesting place that visitors should not miss is the Red Sand Dunes. Distance between the White and the Red Sand Dunes is quite far, about 30 km 봄 풍경 다운로드.

On one side is the sea, other is the Red Sand Dunes – all that endless immensity and people become little. On the Red Sand Dunes, you can rent sand skis at 50,000 vnd, sand sliding feeling was so different that I forgot all the anxiety and depression into the nature openwax 다운로드.

After nearly 3 hours traveling between the two sand Dunes we had to keep going to the fishing village of Mui Ne. Here we saw and understood the workings of one pure sea fishing village- Original Vietnam subtitles for Batman vs. Superman. Mui Ne is the name of this according to the seafaring fishermen often come here to shelter when a storm or hurricane season arrives. “Mui” means a nose that is made Hy dong-eth download. “Ne” means to dodge. It is the harmony between the warm sunshine and deep blue color of the sea will feel warm and fresh rates and attract a lot of visitors coming here.

Fishing Village is a convergence between the sea air, sun and wind and sand with fishermen simple and naive. With a coastline of over 1000 km, but by the silent sea waves around the whole year, so this alone is always safe harbors for boats of the fishermen in Phan Thiet

Go to Mui Ne fishing village early morning to feel the peaceful atmosphere, pristine, as the scent of the ocean mingles with gentle breath of wind, the green palm trees and the people here. Far far away from the image of a boat floating basket, the paddle displacement, boat fish are crowded into shore.

The last point in journey was Suoi Tien, a small seeps next to Hon Rom, Mui Ne ward, Phan Thiet city,
The space here covered by the red sand and located not far from the beach. There are thousands of breast heaving sand pointing to the sky as the top of the tower. Sand with rain and wind has eroded so strange shapes, but hard as a rock.

A very unusual feature here is the stream with only sand, but the sand is just not sinking, stream usually quite shallow and flat, wading streams you will feel like walking on the red sand beach

Finish the tour with four famous places in Mui Ne, the Jeep brought us to the hotel. Everyone was tired and sleepy because of getting up early but still happy and amazed about the trip.

(Authour: Client of Eviva Vietnam Tour)