Visiting Linh Son pagoda in Dalat


The road to the pagoda is different from others with some horse gnawing grass, unlike with noisy streets below with much traffic 심즈4 사계절 다운로드.Visiting Linh Son pagoda in Dalat

Located on a hill of 4ha on Nguyễn Văn Trổi Street, nearly 1 kilometer northwest of Da Lat city, Linh Son pagoda was built from 1936 to 1940 through donations from Buddhists everywhere, especially the efforts of Võ Đình Dung and Nguyễn Văn Tiếng 디스크 버너 다운로드.

The entrance path is in the shade of pine rows and immeasurably high rubbers. Right at front yard, tourists in Vietnam tours can see the statue of Avalokitesvara standing on the lotus throne, the octagonal three-storey tower on the left, and the miniature mountains with beautiful bonsai trees on the right ms office 2013.

There is a lake standing out in relief of green grass patch, colorful water lilies, gold fish swimming carefree, making a cheerful sight.

The pagoda bears East Asian architecture, with two simple down-roofs; on the top a pair of dragons meandering in worship of the Sun meiryo ui. Alongside the step path to the sanctuary, there are also a pair of open-mouthed dragons engraved elaborately, a symbol of Dragon Deity preserving Dharmas exotic zone.

The Buddha’s altar inside is decorated solemnly. The sanctuary is used for the worship of Buddha Shakyamuni deeply meditating in ecstasy on the lotus throne 46 of The Masked King. The statue was cast of brass in 1952, weighting 1250 kg.

Most Venerable Thích Từ Mẫn has been the highest superior since 1964 and Buddhism’s Managing Council of Lam Dong province has its office here Naver pillsed.